Assemblymember Harry Bronson Announces $175K in State Funding for RCN

From the office of Assemblymember Harry Bronson

Lynn and Harry BronsonAssemblymember Bronson and Rochester Childfirst Network Executive Director, Dr. Lynn Lubecki announce new campaign to help local children

Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson (D-Rochester/Chili/Riga/Rush/Wheatland) announced that he will be partnering with Rochester Childfirst Network for the ‘Warm Hearts, Warm Hands” drive to help families struggling to keep their children warm during the winter months.

“This time of year presents a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to those less fortunate within our community and ensure that we all have a warm, safe and happy holiday season,” Bronson said. “Please donate what you can and help your fellow community members.”

All items collected during the “Warm Hearts, Warm Hands” drive will be donated to Local children in need.

“In the rush of the holidays, it’s easy to forget that many families aren’t out shopping for extravagant gifts,” said Dr. Lubecki. “They’re trying to provide the basics for themselves and their children. If we all donate these much-needed clothing items, it’ll be a warmer holiday season for all of us.”

Now to December 18th, items may be dropped off at Assemblymember Bronson’s district office, located at 840 University Ave. in Rochester. Donations may be made between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The following items will be accepted:

  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Mittens
  • Scarves

IMG_0255Additionally, Assemblymember Bronson is pleased to announce that he has been able to secure funding that will ensure that Rochester Childfirst Network is able to expand their campus at 941 South Avenue.  This funding will allow Childfirst Network to offer a unique Outdoor Experience to local children.

Rochester Childfirst Network has been serving children from all backgrounds and of all abilities since 1857.  RCN is a true reflection of the community of Rochester, responding to children with the highest quality of services to fulfill each child’s needs.  It is the third oldest childhood agency in the United States and the first child care center in Rochester, whose focus goes beyond child care.

“Our children have an active imagination and an unending curiosity for learning,”Bronson Thank You continues Bronson.  “This expansion will provide local children with a hands-on educational experience, stimulating creativity, a keen sense of exploration and engaging them in mind-building physical fitness.  I applaud Dr. Lubecki, her staff and the board of RCN for developing this tool to bring our children into the next step of their educational development.”

“Assemblymember Bronson and I are both dedicated to making Rochester the best place it can be for our children,” said Dr. Lubecki. “I thank him for his support, and for recognizing Rochester Childfirst Network as a great investment in our children’s futures.”

“Innovative, nature-based outdoor play is essential to learning,” Lubecki continued. “It taps into kids’s natural curiosity and brings out the ‘little scientist’ inside each of them. It sets the stage for life-long learning and a true love of science and the outdoors. RCN’s expanded outdoor areas will include secret pathways, bubbling water, slides embedded into hills, sensory-rich learning gardens, sand play, tricycle paths and much more. We will encourage children of all abilities to develop their motor coordination, endurance, and self-confidence.”

A recent study found that the vast majority of teachers say students need daily outdoor time as a counter balance to the time spent in front of electronic media.  RCN children’s encounters with the natural world will be integrated into the teachers’ daily lesson plans at every age level.  The Outdoor Experience will complete the learning that begins inside RNC’s classrooms.

To view an artist’s conception of our Outdoor Play environment, click here.