RCN Honors Wendy Lehmann with Jim Robinson Award

The Jim Robinson Award is an award given to an individual for their outstanding volunteer service.  This year’s award honors a person who has shown dedication, caring and commitment to Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN) throughout the years.  This person is a leader who is passionate about RCN’s mission and vision.  She embodies all of the outstanding qualities of a true volunteer – leadership, guidance, thoughtfulness and wisdom.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we were proud to present The Jim Robinson Award to Wendy Lehmann, RCN’s Board Chair from 2013-2015 at the 2015 Annual Meeting on June 11th.

During her tenure, Wendy provided strong leadership to an organization in transition, while mentoring a new Executive Director. As the Chairperson, Wendy took her responsibility very seriously, spending many hours understanding and problem solving what seemed to be the challenge of the week.

Wendy’s accomplishments show her vision for an effective Board and high quality operations. She led efforts to strengthen the Committee structure of the RCN Board, making sure that each committee was informed in their appropriate area, and guided decisions based on the Strategic direction of the organization, while providing support and guidance to the staff along the way. She worked many hours to ensure that RCN was in alignment with the new demands of the Non-profit Revitalization Act, interpreting very complex legal requirements and ensuring RCN compliance in this important area.

Wendy guided the process as we embarked on our Capital Initiative Project and set out to improve our facility for generations of children to come.

Wendy’s passion, dedication, and loyalty over these past two years, as well as over her entire service, has been a gift to this organization. She has taken our mission and made it her own. Her contributions to RCN have helped ensure that all children who come here have the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential.