Our Programs

Rochester Childfirst Network is...

  • Dedicated

    RCN believes that children come first – and has since its opening in 1857. We’re in our 160th school year!

  • Knowledgeable

    As a recognized leader in childhood education, RCN provides a network of valued services for area early care and education professionals and educators.

  • Inclusive

    As diverse as the universe, RCN has a great mix of kids for all cultures, all background, all abilities–A true reflection of our neighborhood and community.

  • RCN-16
  • RCN Dragonfly Classroom
  • Shyteze reading in bookworm room
  • Nurturing

    Our teachers and staff are amazing! Most have been part of the RCN family for ten years or more. Some of our staff and educators have been with us for over 20 years! They are now caring for children of past students. Just peek into any classroom, and you’ll see learning at play, thanks to the gentle guidance of inspired, caring, experienced teachers!

  • Playful

    Our campus is child-friendly. Inside you’ll see art, not walls. Outside you’ll find great places for young imaginations to romp and run on 4+ park-like acres. Our outdoor spaces are in design with Environmental Design & Research!

  • More specifically…

    Our teachers provide a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children.

You Will Find

  • Frequent, positive, warm interactions between adults and children
  • Planned learning activities appropriate to a child’s age and development, such as block building, painting, reading stories, dress-up, and active outdoor play
  • Specially trained teachers who facilitate intrinsic learning through play
  • Positive guidance from teachers assisting social problem solving between peers
  • Enough adults to respond to individual children
  • Many varied age-appropriate materials that allow for open ended experimentation
  • A healthy and safe environment for children that is set up for exploration
  • Nutritious meals and/or snacks approved by the federal CACFP program
  • Regular communication with parents who are welcome visitors at all times
  • Effective administration who are open to your input
  • Ongoing, systematic observation and evaluation
  • Developmentally appropriate activities that promote confidence and self-esteem