RCN Story: Jennie and Rob

Shyteze reading in bookworm room

We have a kindergartner who graduated from RCN’s UPK program last year.  He has done amazingly well in kindergarten this year and it is clear RCN’s UPK program accomplished the goal of having him be kindergarten ready.  We believe a large part of how prepared he was for kindergarten was because RCN switched to full day UPK hours.  Our son benefited from a full day UPK program for several months, which allowed more time for socializing, learning, and playing in the school environment.

Because we were able to see the difference between part day and full day UPK first hand with our son, we are strong advocates of the full day program.  Our son enjoyed going to the full day program more, was excited to be at school, and transitioned to a full day kindergarten easier after already experiencing the full school day in PreK.

The best part about the UPK program is that it is so centered on play and development of social skills that the kids aren’t even aware they’re in a learning environment most of the time.  Even though the UPK program changed to an all day, the children are able to be “kids” in the classroom and not just sit at a desk as you might imagine the “school” environment to be. Every day, there is outside time, and we have witnessed Ms. Pat sitting doing puzzles with the children, dancing, painting, and just telling each other stories.  This is not a school where a young child will be overwhelmed, confused, or bored during the longer full day hours.  The educators here do everything they can to keep kids engaged at their own individual levels.

Because of the positive experience we had, we happily enrolled our other daughter in the full day UPK program this year.  We are confident she will succeed and be well prepared starting kindergarten because she too will have had the full day UPK experience at RCN.

~ RCN Parents, Jennie and Rob