Successful Refugee Program Participant Starts her Own Business

RCN FCCSGR Micro-enterprise Success StoryKarim Theous Makaya was born in Congo Brazzaville and arrived in the United States five years ago after spending eleven years in a refugee camp in Gabon. She was a single parent expecting her third child and began working as a translator for Catholic Family Charities to help other refugees.

When she heard about the Family Child Care Microenterprise program at RCN, she decided that she could help other refugees by caring for their children in an environment that embraces their home culture.

Karim hopes to inspire courage in other refugees thinking of opening a family child care business: “They think it is hard…They are afraid to try, but if I can do it, they can too.

Karim became a US citizen in January 2015. She received her license to operate her family child care business, “Theous Family Child Care” in April 2015.

We all want to give Karim our congratulations for a job well done!