A Message from Lynn Lubecki and Wendy Lehmann

Although adults often use New Year’s Eve as a time of reflection, those of us who are lucky to have children in our lives place more significance on June as a milestone on the calendar. The culmination of a school year is cause for celebration and an opportunity for well-earned praise on completing a year-long early childhood experience filled with curiosity and exploration, our children move to their new classroom or school. Parents and families should also be applauded for helping guide their children on this path and through all of those challenging days that encompass the school year. Now that another school year has been safely recorded in the record books, what lies ahead this summer?

Even if you cannot take the summer months off from work and other responsibilities, we encourage you and your family to take a collective breath. The busy world in which we live does not put a high enough emphasis on the critical need to rejuvenate as a family unit. Just like a good night’s sleep is essential for functioning at our best, so is a break from the business-as-usual approach that we take from September-June. Here at RCN we develop our Backyard Adventures Summer Program with this philosophy in mind by encouraging children ages K-6 grade to come play and explore with us all summer long. Just like during the school year, we make learning and literacy fun and we put the emphasis on personal relationships and trust which kids feel safe and accepted here at RCN. Research and experience tell us that children retain learning at a higher level when lessons are reinforced during long recess periods like the summer months, so we mix learning and play for an unbeatable summer combination! There are field trips each week and themes that help us stretch our bodies and our minds.

During the hazy, lazy days of summer that lie ahead, find some time to enjoy the children in your life in fun new ways. With all the extra hours of sunlight, carve out the time to blow bubbles outside, roast a marshmallow over the fire or splash around with the hose. Childhood memories are built on shared experiences and you will enrich your child’s life by spending a few extra minutes together enjoying this summer.

Lynn Lubecki, Ed. D. Executive Director of RCN

  Lynn Lubecki, Ed. D. Executive Director/CEO

Wendy Lehmann, Board Chair 2013-2015

Wendy Lehmann Outgoing RCN Board Chair