What is the Annual Children's Fund?

The Annual Children’s Fund

At Rochester Childfirst Network, we pride ourselves providing the highest quality early education care and striving to improve that care throughout our community. However, the cost of offering these great programs isn’t always covered through tuition and fees. The Annual Children’s Fund helps RCN bridge that gap with additional resources to support and enrich the experiences of the over 2,000 children impacted by our services. You can improve the quality of care in our community by giving to the RCN’s Annual Children’s Fund today.

By giving to the Annual Children’s Fund, you ensure that RCN to use those funds where they’re needed most. Whether that’s paying to heat our building, purchasing classroom supplies,  or supporting the staff that fulfill RCN’s mission every day, you can be assured your gift is used responsibly to maximize the impact on the children we serve.


If you’d prefer to mail in your gift, send in a check or the RCN Donation Form to:

Rochester Childfirst Network
Attn: Development
941 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

If you would like to contribute over the phone or you have any questions about how your gift will be used, please call the Development Office at (585) 473-2858.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Both Honorary and Memorial gifts will be recognized through a mailed acknowledgement.


Rochester Childfirst Network is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit and you donation may be tax deductible. The IRS encourages support of charitable organizations by allowing an income tax charitable deduction to those who itemize their taxes. Always consult your tax adviser when filling out your tax return.