RCN Parents

"Quality child care is an absolute essential requirement for dual working parents. Knowing that your child is in a safe, healthy environment as well as a nurturing one is so important. RCN has great day care programs and allows us to work with a sense of well-being."

"Our son and daughter both grew so much due to your caring and attentive staff as well as through your enriched educational programs"

"In my opinion RCN is Rochester's best-kept secret in Early Childhood Learning and Development."

"RCN's great day care has helped my son's social skills, speaking and learning to clean up!"



RCN provides a great place for kids ages 5 – 12 to come before and after school. Our accredited program fosters healthy habits, good citizenship, and academic success in a safe, supportive environment.

The overall program offers children the opportunity to plan and carry out interesting activities allowing for diverse multicultural backgrounds and a different experience from school. It is a caring and relaxed atmosphere where the children's physical and emotional needs are met. In this environment, the children develop an enthusiasm for learning, exploring and creating. There is a planned schedule of activities based on the interests and choices of the children. There are opportunities for learning, enrichment activities, and positive interactions between staff and children. Mutual trust between school and home is developed through parent involvement.

Wrap-Around offers enrichment activities, including weekly thematic units, science, reading and writing activities, and group games. Children are served breakfast and afternoon snack. On full-day holidays, children will be served breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

Children need a place to feel safe and secure in order to grow in self-confidence and develop friendships. The School Age program at Rochester Childfirst Network is organized to give each child the experience of making choices, accepting responsibility and increasing independence. Through various activities and interest areas these goals are accomplished. Some of these activities are as follows:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Citizenship Development
  • Community Involvement
  • Cooking
  • Computer Activities
  • Dramatic Play
  • Field Trips
  • Games and Puzzles
  • Homework
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Outside Recreational Activities
  • Reading Corner
  • Science Experiments
  • Sewing
  • Woodworking

Backyard Adventures SUMMER CAMP

For kids grades K-6

Come for one week or the whole summer!  

The Backyard Adventures Summer Camp Program at RCN has provided a safe learning environment for thousands of kids for over 60 years.

It’s a wonderful place for kids to hang out, make friends, grow, and explore life! Located on 4+ shady acres near Highland Park, there is plenty of outdoor fun going on! Engaging themed activities, special events, weekly field trips, science, nature exploration, basketball and soccer.

Themed Programs Based on NYS Standards STEM, ELA and Literacy for Summer 2014

The curriculum planned will build personal relationships with each child so that they feel safe and welcome. It builds trust between adult and child and fosters trust between other children. RCN supports experiential learning along with creative curricula to reinforce academics, such as math and literacy. Studies show that children retain learning at a higher level when lessons are reinforced during long recess periods in the summer months.

Week 1: June 30-July 3 (no camp on July 4th)

Getting to Know You! (Building our Community) – A week of getting to know new friends and building relationships with fun team building activities! Relay races, games, sports, pass the bucket, role playing, morning shout-outs…children get to express their interests and show off their strengths!

Week 2: July 7-11

South Avenue Adventures Campers will explore the great outdoors starting in our own 4 acre backyard.  Kids like to watch TV, play on computers but this week will be exploring the fun outdoors!  Scavenger hunts, learn the history of the historical South Avenue aka the South Wedge neighborhood, trips to the park and of course we will go to the castle.  Explorers will even become nature detectives and expore nature and all its mystery!

Week 3: July 14-18
Week 4: July 21-25

Passport Around The World  Get ready to expand your world!  Grab your passport, we are leaving Rochester, NY and going around the world in two weeks!  Campers will use their imaginations  to travel to Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Explorers will experience food, clothes, music, dance, and cultures around the world!  

Week 5: July 28-August 1

Kids Invention Fair!  Explorers will set their imaginations free and  create their own inventions! They will learn about some great kid inventors hopefully to inspire our campers. They will get to present their inventions at our invention fair!  We know something great will come out of this week.

Aligned with the NYS Common core Standards for Career Development and Occupational Studies, Math, Science & Technolody.

Week 6: August 4-8
Week 7: August 11-15

Discovering the Arts! – Campers will discover all there is about the perfoming arts.  They will be dancing, acting, singing, creative writing and even set building for our performances. This will be an exciting two weeks.

Week 8: August 18-22
Week 9: August 25-29

Splat – Let's get messy! Join us for our end of summer party—complete with a child-created and presented talent show! Our celebration will include mud pies, slime, water play, splat-paint creations, and so much more!  

Made possible through a donation by
The CarMax Foundation

Summer camp made possible because of the Glover-Crask Charitable Fund.