COVID-19 Information

RCN staff has been extensively trained in all our new Health and Safety policies.

  • What if a Child Gets Sick During the Day?
    If your little one shows signs of not feeling well at RCN, we have procedures to isolate him or her while awaiting pickup. We’ll make sure that your child is comfortable and safe, and that the other children are protected.
  • What Measures Will RCN Take to Ensure Staff and Children Are Not Exhibiting

    • Each day, we’ll take temperatures of everyone–children and adults–each time they enter the building.
    • Additionally, each day at drop off time, staff will discuss with parents any health or
      behavioral changes noted while at home.
  •  What Will Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups Look Like?
    • Everyone–families, children and staff–must use the front entrance at RCN.
    • To reduce any chance of spreading the coronavirus, we’ll have greeters at the
      front entrance accompany your child to her or his classroom.
    • Until this is over, we won’t have any visitors in our classes.
  • What Cleaning and Protection Measures Are Used to Minimize the Chance that COVID-19 Could be Spread Within RCN?
  • Food: For now, we won’t use our usual family-style eating at RCN. We’ll still
    provide the same high quality, fresh meals and snacks, prepared on site.
  • Toys:
    • We will thoroughly clean all toys at RCN–at least twice each day.
    • During this time, cloth and fabric items (e.g., stuffed animals, dress up clothes) and sensory items (sand, water beads, playdough, etc.) won’t be available. Their materials make them too hard to clean completely, and too likely to hold germs.
  • PPE:
    • All of RCN’s teachers and staff will be wearing masks and aprons during the day. Children will NOT be required to wear masks but are welcome to if desired.
    • Because infants and toddlers have such a high need to see and interpret facial expressions, our teachers in those rooms will wear clear face shields.
  • Facilities:
    • We use a safe and proven-effective cleaning solution every day to clean all classrooms, bathrooms and therapy areas.
    • Unfortunately, RCN’s favorite indoor play space, the “Muscle Room,” won’t be in use until further notice in an effort to keep everyone healthy and germs at-bay.
    • We’ve installed markers in busy areas to easily maintain social distancing.
    • Your child will still go outdoors EVERY DAY, weather permitting, just like always at RCN! We’ll clean our outdoor equipment before each class goes outside.
    • For now, no children will be allowed into RCN’s front office.
    • EVERYONE will be required to wash their hands, EVERY time they enter a classroom.

With common sense, good strategies and a staff dedicated to keeping our children protected and safe,
we are confident that the RCN community will remain healthy and strong! Thank you for your part in this
important endeavor!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions at 585.473.2858.