Rochester Childfirst Network—Leading the Way into 2016!

We in the nonprofit world tend to be inwardly-focused. And that’s a good thing. By constantly referring back to our mission statement, we keep our focus squarely on our kids. But, what about the world outside of RCN?

Rochester Childfirst Network is a recognized leader in local, regional and national conversations on early childhood education. In 2015 we brought Dr. Rob Corso to Rochester for meetings with representatives from RCN, local nonprofits, the City School District, government and Nazareth College. RCN and Dr. Corso are leading the charge to bring the Pyramid Model to Rochester. (See accompanying article).

The Pyramid Model focuses on evidence-based practices that support social-emotional intelligence in infants and young children. We’re working with the City School District and others to make Rochester the model for New York State and ultimately, joining forward-thinking districts across the country.

I represent Rochester Childfirst Network with numerous groups including programs housed at The Children’s Institute like RECAP (collecting and analyzing data on the quality of our programs), BASIC (supporting our children’s social and emotional development), and GROW Rochester (bringing comprehensive screening to every 3-year old in the City of Rochester).

By networking together, we create better situations for our kids and their caregivers. We educate our elected representatives about the importance of early childhood education. We combine our resources and expertise to better serve our communities.

At the end of the day, however, it comes back to that inward focus. Our South Wedge Campus, our Center City site, our hundreds of Family Child Care homes throughout the region—that’s where the really important work takes place.  That’s where the people of Rochester Childfirst Network really shine!

Best wishes for the Holidays and 2016!

Lynn M. Lubecki, Ed.D.

Executive Director/CEO

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