Snow Emergencies at RCN

Let it Snow!
In Rochester, we’re no strangers to snow. Bad winter weather is just a part of living here and for many of us a few inches of snow can’t stop us from going to work.
That’s why we at RCN will do whatever we can to stay open in inclement weather. A snow day at school doesn’t mean you get a snow day at work. If Rochester gets a foot of snow, you still need a safe, warm place for your children to play and learn. We’ll be here for you.


Rochester City School District Closure

If the Rochester City School District closes all school, RCN will not be able to offer our UPK program or SMILE services.

However, if your child is already enrolled in child care at RCN, we may still be able to offer care for your child. For snow emergency child care, please call 585-473-2858.


What if RCN DOES close?

RCN will always do what we can to stay open even in the worst weather. However, there are some emergency situations that may force us close for the day.

Closure announcements will appear on the following networks:

  • WHEC

  • WHAM

  • WROC

  • Time Warner News

  • Local radio stations

We’ll also announce a closure on our Facebook Page.